Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Workin' 9 to... 3?

Here are few more interesting tid bits about life in a small town:

1. The bank closes at 3. What's up with that? Now, that I'm teaching, I don't know when I will get to go to the bank. Good thing I have direct deposit! Man, 9 - 3. What a life!

2. Businesses take IOUs. Today I went to get my toes painted, but of course they dont take debit or credit, and I did not have any cash or a checkbook. She told me just to come back tomorrow.

3. Football is King. Wednesday night church doesn't even start until 7:30 for high schoolers because so many of them are still in football practice.

Tonight Trent and I attended the youth classes at church because we hope to get involved in the youth program there. There were just as many junior high kids in class tonight as there are junior high kids at my huge church in San Antonio. Since Olton is such a small town, kids are just looking for something to do...and luckily church is about the only thing that provides activities for youth. And the best part is - half of them are not even Christians! Talk about a ministry! This stuff just gets me excited!


April said...'re definitely not in SA anymore! Ha!

Jaime said...

You make small town living seem like a dream. Glad you are enjoying it so much. Funny how getting your toes painted in the city is referred to as a pedicure (pedi) and in a small town you simply say "getting my toes painted". Simple goodness.

Tamra said...

That's too funny about the IOU. At least they didn't make you work to pay off your debt! :)