Sunday, August 10, 2008

Outside of Earth

When you live in Earth, sometimes you just want to get out of Earth for a while. Trent and I took a day trip to Amarillo to visit with our friends Kara and Luke. They were nice enough to take the day off to show us some of the highlights of Amarillo. And of course you can not visit Amarillo without seeing Cadillac Ranch!

Nice Legs! The man who created Cadillac Ranch had some other interesting pieces of Art in Amarillo, such as these:

We finished out the day with a great burger at Blue Sky. If you are ever in Amarillo, grab a bite to eat there. It was very tasty. Now I leave you with this: a view from our front porch. Sometimes it's hard for some people to see the beauty in Earth. However, today I captured what Earth looks like when a storm is rolling in...pure beauty.

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Kara Deal said...

We had fun with ya'll. I wish the weather would have been a little cooler...but that is my only wish for that day. We can't wait for the grand tour of EARTH in just a few weeks. I promise to facebook you with more details in a day or so.

Lovies, and Lilly misses her Auntie K! :)