Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not Just Salamanders

It's amazing the new discoveries that are being made in my backyard every day! I mentioned the wildlife in this part of the world, and for the most part I was being sarcastic, but I am being proved wrong. There are critters here that I have never seen unless there were in a cage or aquarium on display somewhere.

Yesterday, a new creature was tucked away on our back porch. It was the cutest little furry creature I've ever seen. It had little bitty feet, and a little bitty tail, and little bitty ears. It was rolled into a little ball against the wall and too timid to look around at the large giants hovering over its little bitty body.

Yep, it was a ..... mouse. But the cutest little mouse I have ever seen! I wanted to keep him and name him. Harley found him later and thought it was one of his toys, so Trent felt obliged to fling that mouse over the fence to save it from a horrible death: being eaten by Harley. However, I fear that its life may have come to an end upon hitting the ground after its flight through the air. May that cute mouse rest in peace.

One other brilliant discovery made yesterday: we have a peach tree in our yard! I did not know this, but yesterday there were peaches on the ground and blooming all over the tree's branches. I tasted one - yummy! Peach cobbler anyone?