Monday, August 4, 2008

Church and Sunday Eating

Trent and I visited church in Olton yesterday. We actually really enjoyed it. I think we will visit there again. The church is not too big, but seems to have a larger group of younger attendees and more activities to get involved in. However, one of the appeals of going to church where his parents go is that they really don't have much going on, especially for younger people, and therefore we see a need there for people who are interested and willing to take the bull by the horns and get the ball rolling. Trent and I are willing to do that, but we also have the need of being fed spiritually and finding a group of people we can actually hang out with!

So with that being said, we will visit Olton a few more times and be in prayer about our decision as to where the Lord wants us.

Now, a lot of folks like to enjoy a meal out after church on Sunday mornings (or afternoon actually). So in Olton, Trent took me to a really nice restaurant. It's really the only restaurant that exists in Olton, or at least the only one that is open on Sunday. Are you ready for this?
Trent took me to DAIRY QUEEN! If you don't like going to church on Sunday, at least you have lunch to look forward to!

One Oreo Blizzard Please!

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