Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids Rock

So I complete my second day of teaching 5th grade today. I'm pooped! I love my students though. Like I've said before, most of them just need LOVE! Both of my team teachers are Christians, so we have started out our days praying together. Does this only happen in small towns?

Well, here is something that I think is pretty special: the church that we have been attending has started a new program on Tuesdays after school. They are gathering all of the kids in K - 6 (that have parent permission of course) and walking them over to their youth building. After a snack, the kids are rallied into a room to sing along with wild and crazy VBS-type songs, and then shared a short message of the gospel. KIDS ROCK is the name. Today I did the "Superman", the "Water Sprinkler", the "Robot", and the "Invisible Hoola Hoop". It was SUH-WEET!

Hopefully the popularity of this program will grow because there is a need for children in the community to learn more about Jesus. For a lot of the kiddos, we are the only Jesus they will encounter.

Praise God for silly songs with goofy hand motions!

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April said...

Did you teach them the window dance move?!?!?!