Thursday, August 7, 2008

Picture This!

How to have fun in Earth:
Shave a mohawk.

Marvel at the wildlife (not pictured: birds, jackrabbits, snake)

Rock out on Rock Band

Go to the Earth Rodeo

Enter the popular cow milking competition.

Enjoy the West Texas sunset.

Shuck some corn.

Wash some corn.

That's a whole lotta corn!

Compete in a potato sack race.

Cut some corn.

Hang out with your good lookin' hubby.


April said...

Fun pictures! I love that last one of you and Trent! Love you!!

Michelle said...

Hey Karessa! Congratulations! You look so happy!! I love hearing your "Earth" stories. Jacob was laughing at your "Earth" update on facebook about the guestroom!

Have a great weekend....I would love to see pictures of you milking a cow!


Tamra said...

A) That okra is enormous and totally freaked me out.

B) I bet all that corn is yummy. Do tell, what were you using to cut it?

C) When did you cut your hair! I like it!

D) Looks like fun, sack race and all. How are you acclimating? :)