Sunday, September 28, 2008

Invasion of the Fruit Flies

Mosquitoes, Flies and Fruit flies...OH MY! So it turns out that fruit flies LOVE small west Texas towns. And they particularly love my house - specifically my kitchen sink. I think I have mostly taken care of the problem now with my good friend Clorox Bleach, but there were a couple of days last week when you could catch me hovering over my kitchen sink actually talking to my now home invaders:

"You better watch out you stinkin' fruit fly! I'm gonna get you!" and after I clapped my hands together a few times and finally caught one of these nasty creatures, I would say, "HA! You other flies take note of what just happened to your friend!"

Trent told me of a method they use for keeping wildlife out of their crops - kill the animal and hang its carcas on a fence around the crops to warn others of the same species of what might happen to them if they dare to enter. Well, I was killing fruitflies left and right and leaving their squished bodies on the wall as a sign to all of their buddies: DON'T MESS WITH ME!

Like I said, I think I have mostly taken care of the problem now, but I will continue to slap the snot out of those little monsters until they are all out of my house!


Kara Deal said...

HAHAHAHA! You crack me up!

Good story. Good story!

Kara Deal said...

YES!! IT's a date! and we won't ditch out last min. either! I think we'll get a baysitter for Lilly so we can all just kick back and hang out at the patch!

I'm all over having Blue Sky burgers again!

Fri or Sat?