Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good, Good People

So yesterday I received a phone call that no one ever wants to receive...Trent was in an accident. He's ok, but it turned out to be a pretty bad accident. Praise God he walked away with only a few cuts, bruises, and a bump or two. But, this blog is not about Trent...

This blog is another tale of life in a small, small town. After I received the call, I ran down the hall to tell the secretary that I would be needing a sub for the day because I was leaving to go to the doctor with Trent to get him checked out. As I walked back down the hall to my classroom, three other teachers stopped to tell me that they were praying for Trent. How did they already know?

It wasn't five minutes later that the youth minister at the church we've been attending called me to check on Trent and let me know that he was on his way to the hospital to see him. How did he know?

Trent's mom and dad received phone calls all day checking up on Trent. I guess what they say is true: word gets around in a small, small town (as I heard it from a line in a country song).

That night we had several visitors at our house to check up on Trent. These people do not call to let us know they are stopping by, they just stop by (which I'm not quite used to yet since I like to hang out in my pajamas most of the time.) The local preacher stopped by to say a word of prayer, as well as the local youth director, Trent's old secretary, our neighbors, and of course, Trent's family.

We are indeed surrounded by good, good people (as I heard it from an old Audio Adrenaline song).

Now as for the other boy involved in the accident - please keep him in your prayers. His name is Kody Fields and he was not as fortunate as Trent. He is still in the hospital with a broken leg, and drugged up because of his injuries. He is also suffering from bleeding of the brain - we are no sure how severe it is, and probably will not until they decide it is safe to begin taking him off of the drugs. Please pray for his physical healing and a spiritual healing.

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