Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sorority Pledge

I was never in a sorority in college. I didn't feel that it quite suited me. However, I'm willing to give sorority life a chance for the sake of the experience...and it seems that I have my opportunity!

It turns out that small towns sometimes have sororities for women in the community. Well, Olton has a sorority, and as a new member of the community (I qualify because I work in Olton) I was invited by a fellow teacher to attend pledge night for this so called sorority.

I received several emails reminding me of the first sorority meeting and listing all of the young girls from school that are part of this sorority and would be at the meeting. So I read the names and decided that if all of these cool girls were part of it (and I need to make friends) that I would check it out. So last night I drove to City Bank in Olton to participate in my first sorority pledge party with some cool, young girls from school. Unfortunately, none of the young girls from school could make it, but failed to mention that to me. There were six other women there, most in the 40's - 50's, sporting their sorority pins on their chest, carrying a notebook with greek letters across the front, and all reciting the sorority pledge.

Backflash: this reminds me of when I worked at Girl Scouts and all the older women that worked there thought they were still a Girl Scout and were just proud to be a part of something. They were all a bit cooky (not to be confused with cookie, which they happened to eat a lot of.)

So there I was trapped in the Upper Room of the City Bank having dinner with six strangers in a sort of cult-like fashion. Quite an experience - all for the sake of making friends!

So will I join? You betcha! I talked to my fellow teachers who ditched me, and they all assured me that they will definitely be there next month. So I suppose I will give sorority life a one year trial and see what happens...like oh my gah!


Kara Deal said...

HEY! I am so proud of you for stepping out of your box! I hope it all goes well! What a fun little town to live in!

As far as this weekend goes... we have been waiting on word from Luke's work. He wasn't scheduled to work this weekend and all was a-go... BUT... one of the pharmacy tech's is having problems with her galbladder and is having surgery today. So Luke, being the new guy, gets to take all of her shifts, and yes, she was suppose to work the weekend. So we will not be coming to Earth. THe reason it took so long to get the news to you, is Luke's boss was being nice and seeing if anyone else could cover. NOPE!

We will have to come down another time. Right now, November or February is good for us! LEt me know what ya thing, and I am sorry... so, so sorry! Lilly's is mad at me, she wanted to see her Karessa again!

And we were in church last night when ya called. Sorry again!


Heather said...

Your blog is hilarious!! My mom really enjoys reading it too!! I've also started a blog....

Glad to hear that you are settling in up there. You mom said that you had a painting party when they were there visiting. Fun times!! We had one last weekend doing the nursery! Gotta love free labor and the company of family!! Take care!

Kara Deal said...

hey! Yeah, we would love to do the corn maze with ya! I think I'll let Lilly go to a sitter though, when we were there last year it was full of siketers!

I haven't been in the evening. I think that would be bunches of more fun! Let us know when you can! The second weekend in Ocober works the best for me... I don't know about LLuke's schedule yet...!

Love ya!

Tamra said...

Uh...that's HILARIOUS!!! I have an excellent mental picture going on. SO funny!

Jaime said...

That is so funny. It reminds me of a lunch I was invited too. It is for all the people that used to teach at my school. Well, none of the young stay-at-home moms came it was me and all the retirees. Still a yummy and fun lunch!