Thursday, September 18, 2008

Earth's 100th Birthday & Corn Pickin'

Last weekend was Springlake Earth's 100th year celebration for the school. They invited all alumni to the pep rally, an enchilada dinner in the cafeteria, the Homecoming football game, and a choice of a talent show or the Homecoming dance.

Trent and I only attended the dinner and the football game. The talent show afterwards was apparently only for the old farts and after hearing about it from Trent's parents, I'm extremely happy that we did not go.

There were a lot of people in attendance. Some came from far far away to revisit their alma mater. I made sure I was looking cute, because I figured I would meet a lot of Trent's old pals. Well, there were a lot more old people there than young, so I decided to change into something more comfortable before the football game.

I did get to hear a lot of stories of how bad Trent was in school. He got sent to the principal's office a lot for a whoopin! One time he accidentally mooned a teacher. I also heard stories about fights he got into, and throwing mashed potatoes on the cafeteria wall. It also turns out that Trent was a bully. He likes to think he was doing justice by only picking on kids that had a "big head", but it might be hard to make friends around here because Trent probably hurt their feelings back in high school.

Welp, it's corn pickin' season here in West Texas. That means that Trent is gone all day and doesn't return home until about 10 o'clock at night. I'm usually in bed by the time he comes home. His mom is nice enough to cook for them and take dinner out to the farm. I guess farmers need to eat too. Trent told me one time before we got married that his mother would do this for them, insinuating that I would also be expected to do this for him. Good thing his mother still lives here!

I went out to the farm the other night with his mom to deliver the tacos she had made. Trent was sweet enough to take me out on the combine. Those things are amazing! Its large claws cut the corn stalks, and somehow the ears go through a machine that cuts the kernals into the bin of the combine, and spits the ears back out onto the ground. Then another large truck pulls up next to the combine, Trent manuevers a long tube over the bin of the second truck, and begins to pour the kernals into the back of the second truck. That truck then takes the corn to the co-op to be inspected, and then I guess they get paid for it.

The weather is cool here, the leaves are changing, and corn is being cut all around - fall must be coming! And I couldn't be more excited about experiencing this season with an actual fall climate this year! I've already researched where the nearest corn maze and pumpkin patches are located. I have my fall decorations out, and I bought new fall scented candles. Now I just need to hang my fall wreath! Yay for fall!

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Jill said...

sounds like lots of fun. post some pics when you get a chance. i'd love to see some of your niece and nephew again...and tell their mama to send me an email :)