Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roosters and Such

Welp, it has been a while since I have updated. I just wanted to let you know that we are still alive!

The fruit flies are also still alive. I'm going to buy some vinegar to drown those suckers today. Trent and I have turned it into a game competition to see who can kill the most. We think we have found the source: there is a sky light on our back porch that attracts those flies like a magnet.

I also found a car wash in Olton. I thought I was going to have to wash my own car, gasp! However, I can get the outside and the inside of my car cleaned in appointment only, and for a high price. But totally worth it!

Also, I have been meaning to let you know that roosters really do crow in the morning. Every morning when I get to school, I can hear several roosters crowing from somewhere in town. It's how I know that I'm awake!

And now I shall go buy my vinegar.


April said...

You never wash your car! Ha!

Tamra said...

I don't like to wash my car either! When I got my new one, I resolved to wash it at least twice a month. Now I'm doing good to wash it every two months. Oops!

How's Trent doing after the accident?

We also get fruit flies. And apparently our deer corn has weevils of some such. Guess we're a little bit country, too....