Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Joys of Buying a New House...Make That an Old House

It all started when my parents came to help me move into my new...old house. My dear mother accidentally dropped an earring down the drain in the guest bathroom. In the process of retrieving her earring, the pipe was apparently so old, that it just broke in half. It took several weeks to finally replace the pipe in the guest bathroom. But that's just the beginning...

Since then, we have:
1. replaced a leaking sky light (and we still lack the second sky light)
2. repair the sprinkler system
3. fix the broken heater
4. buy several parts for a disfunctional dryer
5. repair a shower that leaks into the kitchen
6. unclog bath and shower drains after the power went off
7. replace leaking faucet on the water heater after discovering a large puddle in the hallway

Ah, I'm sure there will be more added to the list before the end of the year...especially when winter comes, but we have thoroughly enjoyed our new old house, despite the speed bumps. Our master bathroom is finished and gorgeous, and we are almost finished painting everything we wanted to paint. In the spring we will probably begin reshaping the outside parts of our new old home. I will try to upload some pictures of the facelift we have given our home as soon as I find my camera charger which was somehow lost in the move. But for now, I think I hear a paintbrush calling my name.

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meggcellent said...

i still can't believe you live on a farm! your mom gave me your blog address, and i couldn't resist... now you have another reader!

sounds like things are good! and different! good luck with everything... xoxo megan