Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to Earth

Earth has welcomed me as a new member of the community. I have already been initiated into the Earthite life just in the five weeks that I have been here so far. Here are some of the highlights (in no particular order):

1. The Earth wildlife - Here are some of the fine creatures I have found in my yard: lots and lots of birds (which means lots and lots of bird poop), a dead bird (unfortunate accident with the window), a large frog, a jack rabbit, a bull snake, and my dog, Harley. I expect to also witness raccoons and coyotes, but hopefully not on our property.

2. Fourth of July parade and picnic - Community members line up at the Springlake firehouse to show off their hot rods, horses, tractors, and riding lawn mowers. There is a picnic to follow at the Springlake park with burgers, fries, and all the homemade ice cream you could want. Lawn chairs scattered across the field and a mediocre band plays Oakridge Boy songs. The night ends with a nice display of fireworks in the clear sky.

3. Homemade ice cream - I mentioned the ice cream at the picnic, so as a new member of Earth, I thought it appropriate to try to fit in by preparing my own homemade ice cream for the picnic. BIG MISTAKE! This was my first time to attempt this on my own. Well, I never made it to the picnic with ice cream, but I did get my aggression out on the ice cream maker. It took several hard jabs with the ice pick and a few curse words from my mouth. I found out later that it may not have worked due to an overload of salt in the ice (now that I think of it, that is probably right.) But I have not brought the ice cream machine out again since that tragic day.

4. Sweet Corn - Trent and I picked up some sweet corn for the family out of the back of someone's pick up. After testing the corn and approving its tastiness, Trent's parents went back and bought 500 stalks of corn. Trent surprised me today when he announced we would be eating dinner at his parent's house so we could "can corn." Excuse me? Apparently we will be canning 500 bushels of corn to eat over the next century. Yay!

5. Town and Country - Yes, the gas station. Right now, Earth only has an Alsups, but word on the street is that Town and Country might be coming to Earth! And not only that, but it might also have a Subway in it! What a dream come true. I also heard that someone was looking to reopen the old Dairy Queen that closed down. I guess since the Earth population has grown by 6 (Me, Trent, and Trent's sister's family), Earth is in the middle of a major growth period and must prepare for this boom.

6. Earth Rodeo - The Earth Rodeo was this past weekend, and boy was that a treat! I'm used to sitting in the nose bleed section to watch Keith Urban perform at the rodeo. But this weekend I got a very close look at what actually happens on the ground at a real rodeo. Cowboy's came from Abilene, Clovis, Muleshoe, and Earth to compete in standard rodeo games, and some not so standard rodeo games. Ever heard of a wild mare race? Teams of three race to catch a wild horse by its ears and tail and saddle it up. Or how about this one - the wild cow milking race! Yup, teams of three race to catch wild cow and MILK IT!

7. Rock Band - Trips to Lubbock, and even Plainview are a real treat for me. Trent takes me there when I've been real good. Just kidding. Well, since there is not a whole lot of entertainment in Earth, Trent and I thought we should invest in some stay-at-home entertainment, so we bought...ROCK BAND! And let me tell ya, Trent and I ROCK! Soon all of the Earthites will be lining up at our door. Let's see, what should our cover charge be?

8. The Tractor - Trent called the other day while he was working in the fields and invited me for a romantic ride on the Tractor. When I say romantic, I mean: it had two cushioned seats, was air conditioned, played music, and he let me drive! Working on a tractor seems kinda fun!

Well, those are all of the highlights I can think of right now. Trent and I are still fixing up our house. Our master bathroom should be finished today. YAY for not having odd men in my house anymore! We moved all of our bedroom furniture in yesterday and it looks GREAT! So I'm very excited about that.

Now, that I have internet, keep checking back to see what other crazy things are going on in Earth. Thanks for stopping by!

~The Farmer's Wife


Jill said...

glad you are posting again. my email address changed so if kammie (i think i spelled it wrong again) has had a second to email me it probably never got through. maybe i should get her address...
post wedding pics if you get a chance :)

April said...

I had an unfortunate incident involving a bird running into my apartment window and that what happened in your incident?!?