Friday, July 25, 2008

Friendly Neighbors

So one of the refreshing qualities of Earth is that neighbors actually stop by to meet you and bring you a bundt cake. This might happen other places also, but it is a requirement if you live in Earth.

Trent and I have been visiting different churches just to get a feel for our options and where we think the Lord might be leading us. So yesterday the preacher from one of the churches we have visited stopped by our house (since he did not have our phone number) and asked when his family might be able to stop by and meet us. So last night him, his wife, his two daughters, and one of their friends, came over with a delicious pan of brownies (Mmmm) just to say hello. We did not talk about church, mostly just our backgrounds and interests. I think they heard that we had Rock Band and wanted to come check it out. JK. However, they did mention that whether or not we chose to attend that church, they were hopeful to get to know us...either way. I just think that's cool!

But then his wife said something really cool! It was music to my ears. She asked me something that I will never forget: "Do - you - like - playing - games?" My jaw dropped. I pointed to my entire closet full of games. So hopefully I have some potential game opponents for the future! YAY!

Oh, one other side note - "neighbors" in Earth refers to anyone within six houses around you in any direction. Everyone keeps telling me that they are our neighbors, and I'm thinking "I thought Bobby Sue was my neighbor!" "No, we are the neighbors behind Bobby Sue and next to Billy Ray." So whether the person actually lives next to you, across from you, behind you, or four doors down and caddy corner...they are your neighbor! It's very hard to remember all of my neighbors.

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