Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's a Whole Lotta Corn!

So the "putting up corn" party was interesting. Since I was not really sure what that meant, I threw on a very comfortable skirt and blouse. It was steamy hot that day, so I thought the skirt and loose blouse allowed for a nice breeze. Well, when I arrived at Trent's parent's house (Trent had to stay late in the fields, which is why I went alone), his parents suggested that I go home and change into "work clothes". Trent had made a comment earlier that day about "better put on your work boots!" But I thought he was kidding!

There was a pile of 550 ears of corn in the back of a pick up all waiting to be "shucked". So first you must shuck the corn. That means you take the leafy things off from the yellow part that we eat. Then you must wash the corn, cook the corn, and finally, cut the corn. I did cut corn for very long, since for every one corn I cut, Trent's mom was able to cut four. I finally earned the job of the "corn bagger". I bagged the corn to be put in the freezer until the perfect day came for that lucky bag of corn to be chosen for dinner.

I have some pictures that I will post soon hopefully.

Crop Dusters - one almost hit me yesterday as I pulled out of my driveway. I did not see it coming, and all of a sudden I thought a huge truck was about to plow me over, but then I saw this little red airplane zoom past my windshield. Ok, it wasn't low enough to actually hit me, but it was just low enough to scare the snot out of me!

Jacuzzi Baths - Our new master bathroom is finally finished and I have already enjoyed three lovely baths in my brand new jacuzzi bath! Yay! But here is something I had to learn the hard way: Jacuzzi baths and bubbles do not mix well! Attempt only with caution!

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