Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Freakin' Famous!

Everyone has heard that news travels fast in a small town. There is even a song called "Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town". Well, let me tell is not just a cool saying or a good country song. It is for real!

Today I went to the pharmacist in Olton for the first time. I did not know who he was, had never heard his name from any of Trent's family, and had definitely never met him before. But he knew who I was. Well, he at least knew that my last name on the label might be Laxson, but it is now Parish, and he knew that I would be teaching in Olton this year.

Well, he could not take my current insurance so I had to go to Muleshoe to pick it up instead. Muleshoe is about 20 miles west of Earth and about four times the size, so surely they don't keep track with us Earthites in such a big city such as Muleshoe! WRONG! Even the pharmacist at United knew that I had recently married, moved to Earth from San Antonio, and would be teaching in Olton.

It's a good thing I don't do anything embarassing, because I'm pretty sure everyone in a 20, maybe even 40 mile radius would know about it.

I must say, I feel special!

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Kara Deal said...

You can be what ever color yuou want, and I must say... I love this new blog of yours. You are famouse to me!!!

Can't wait to get your call!