Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Great Veggie Debate

So I've come to find another difference between city folk and small town folk - vegetables! Small town folk are what I would call "snobs" when it comes to vegetables.
Trent has said things like, "Are these green beans from a can? I can tell. You can taste the can." How do you taste the can?
I've also heard things like, "Wow, this frozen corn is pretty good." What do you mean it is pretty good? It's corn! If you like corn, of course it is good! Corn is corn.
Apparently Trent's family is not the only people who feel this way about vegetables. All the women at school agree that there is a huge difference between fresh vegetables grown from a local garden, and vegetables that come from a can or the freezer. To which I reply, "Normal people eat veggies from a can all the time and never think any different!" Perhaps it was just my family that ate vegetables from a can, but I still can not taste the difference.

In other news, I think we have mice. I discovered some suspicious droppings in our bathroom the other day. Trent told me that this was a good possibility, but I usually try not to believe the bad things he tells me. I have yet to actually see the creature, but now I have to turn the light on when I use the bathroom in the middle of the night because I'm afraid I might step on one. My team teacher told me a story about her husband using the bathroom in the middle of the night and hearing hissing noises. When he turned on the light, there was a RAT in the toilet. I am forever scarred from that story.


Michelle said...

Hello! I think I would be scarred from that story too! Don't worry, our family totally did the can veggie thing too!!!

Love reading about your life! You are hilarious.

Tamra said...

Ugh!!! We've had a little "infestation" lately at church adn it totally creeps me out. I don't know what I'd do if I feared the rodents at home too!