Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hunting Season

December brings in feasant hunters from all over. Anywhere you go, there are men dressed in their camo pants and jackets. They hide out in the wheat fields waiting for a feasant to cross their path and when it does, they hopefully win a dinner prize. It is cold, sometimes wet, definitely windy, and I assume, boring.

I have discovered a better and more efficient way to hunt wild game. Lets see, so far my hunting record is as follows:
1. barely a hawk
2. almost a coyote
3. definitely a few birds
4. hardly a jack rabbit
5. and a scoot away from a burrowing owl

I would say that my list of animals almost caught in my hunt are way more exciting than a feasant...and all I used was my vehicle. In my opinion, car hunting should be the next big "hit" for hunters all around.

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Michelle said...

Where oh Where have you gone my funny friend! I need some entertainment from you! Just a friendly reminder that people do read your blog :)