Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trent and His Stripper

So Trent has been coming home really late at night. It was beginning to concern me, so I decided to play detective and fight out where he has been spending his will never believe what I discovered.
Trent has been spending all of his time with a stripper!

Ok, so I'm talking about a cotton stripper. It is cotton harvest and Trent spends all day and night riding back and forth in the cotton fields collecting new fluff. Trent actually does not drive the stripper. He's actually in charge of driving the truck that the stripper dumps all the cotton into (there is a name for this truck, but its something weird and I don't remember it at the moment.) Then the cotton gets dumped into another truck that compresses the cotton in to massive cotton bricks along the highway to be picked up.

The wind picked up a few days, so along with cotton balls flying along the highway, I also played frogger with tumbleweeds yesterday. Welcome to West Texas!

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